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The Battle Of Belonging PDF by Shashi Tharoor Review

The Member of Parliament and author Shashi Tharoor has published his new book titled “The Battle of Belonging PDF: On Nationalism, Patriotism And What It Means To Be Indian”. The book is due to release by November 2020 and will be declared by Aleph Book Company. Tharoor has characterized the book as his magnum opus on the theory, evolution & practice of Nationalism, worldwide & especially in India.

Dr. Tharoor reinstates the fact that to fully understand & appreciate a concept, at the core of any idea shall lie thorough analysis. He debates on this line throughout the book, in varied forms.

It's spoken both in thought & in action. Drawn from a long line of history & culture, where the past is combined with the present, this book extends on one thought- the continuation of Nationalism & the contextual expression of the said idea of Nationalism, bringing together many resources in a meaningful, very insightful manner.

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