Level Up by Pavan Priakash Badllani PDF Free Download

Level Up by Pavan Priakash Badllani PDF Free Download

While physical health and fitness have been at the vanguard of all conversations relating to 'good health' for a vast part of the last century, mental health and emotional wellbeing have only assumed centerstage over the past decade. Thinking of good health and wellbeing only in terms of your body is like focusing on just one end of a broad spectrum. 

The Body-Mind-Spirit connection and the impact each has on the quality of our lives are topics driving the next new wave of human transformations. Level Up does a good job at laying out and discussing critical pieces of this triad that are often overlooked.

The importance of self-love, unlearning and relearning for making quantum leaps, fitness must-dos, the importance of an abundance-driven mindset, the power of beliefs, and the oft-ignored but vital correlation between foods, moods, and feelings stood out as key elements of a healthy and happy mind-body-spirit discussion.

An easy and engaging read to have by your coffee table - pick a chapter, identify and improve a small area of your life right away, and Level Up as you go.

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