She erased her by Himanshu Rai PDF download


She erased her by Himanshu Rai PDF download

She knew something was hidden. Hidden behind her illusions. Her bruises and cuts were shouting each moment to search for those answers. Was she her? or was She someone else? The answer lies behind the erased past.

Read 'She erased her', from the bestselling author of 'My Mute Girlfriend', 'I am always here with you' & 'Rhythm Roger- The secrets of Electon'

The plot of the story consists of love, lust, revenge, betrayal, plans and unique twists.
Samira is not finding everything normal. Returning from a long coma she can't able to recall anything regarding her past. Some flashbacks are keep coming into her sense? What is the flashback is all about? What is the reason behind her accident? Rohan confronted her as her boyfriend but is he the boyfriend? Everyone around Samira is hiding something? What to know more! Get the book. The twist in every other chapter will make you think about the plot again and again during the reading session.

The story has a good pace with hook elements to keep you stick to the plot throughout the story as I did. Some important social aspects are discussed by the writer which is unique in this kind of thriller. I loved the courtroom scene and ending which was truly breathtaking.

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