The Art of Impossible : A Peak Performance Primer PDF Book Download


The Art of Impossible : A Peak Performance Primer by Steven Kotler PDF Download

What does it take to accomplish the impossible? What does it take to shatter our limitations, exceed our expectations, and turn our biggest dreams into our most recent achievements? We are capable of so much more than we know—that’s the message at the core of the art of impossible. 

Building upon cutting-edge neuroscience and over twenty years of research, bestselling author, peak performance expert and executive director of the flow research collective, Steven Kotler lays out a blueprint for extreme performance improvement. If you want to aim high, here is the playbook to make it happen! Inspirational and inspirational, pragmatic and accessible, the art of impossible is a life-changing experience disguised as a how-to manual for peak performance that anyone can use to shoot for the stars... Space-suit, not included.

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