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In this post, you can easily get Looking Inward: Meditating to Survive in A Changing World Book PDF or E-book is Written by Swami PurnachaitanyaLooking Inward: Meditating to Survive in A Changing World is published by Penguin. Looking Inward: Meditating to Survive in A Changing World is in the English Language. it is contained in 182 pages. If you are interested to get a PDF of Looking Inward: Meditating to Survive in A Changing World then scroll down & click on the download button. Thank you

Know About Looking Inward: Meditating to Survive in A Changing World

The world as we know it in 2021 is worse than anything we have seen so far. Global warming, a pandemic, misinformation spreading like wildfires, fake news, riots, changing social structures and lifestyles-the ramifications of these events affect our health, relationships, productivity, and, most importantly, have a lasting impact on our inner peace. It is in times like these that we feel stressed, acutely anxious, and even depressed. And it is now more than ever that we need to look inward for strength, focus, happiness, and resilience.

In Looking Inward, Swami Purnachaitanya helps you on your journey towards identifying the source of your anxiety, stress, and restlessness and provides you with the tools required to address and transcend them, using meditation to soothe distracted thoughts and refocusing your energy to being fully present at the moment. Every chapter includes enlightening stories, precious insights, and a ten-minute exercise that will take you one step closer to mastering your mind and building your own meditation practice.

Today, meditation is not a luxury, it is a necessity. This book helps you acknowledge the changing world while strengthening your inner energy reserves to better cope with it.

Know About Swami Purnachaitanya

Swami Purnachaitanya is an author, speaker, and spiritual guide to many around the world. He is a sought-after teacher of yoga, meditation and mantras, and an enthralling storyteller. Swamiji was born in the Netherlands to a Dutch father and an Indian mother, who played a central role in kindling in him a keen interest in the spiritual practices, cultures, and philosophies of the East.


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