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In this post, you can easily get Sita A Tale of Ancient Love Book PDF or E-book is Written by Bhanumathi NarasimhanSita A Tale of Ancient Love is published by Penguin eBury PressSita A Tale of Ancient Love is in the English Language. it is contained in 304 pages. If you are interested to get a PDF of Sita A Tale of Ancient Love then scroll Down & click on the download button. Thank you

Know About Sita A Tale of Ancient Love

The vibration of the sacred sound of her beloved's name, 'Ram', filled her mind as it emanated from the tiny Vanara. 'His being is filled with Rama,' she pondered, 'but does he know me?'

Sita, the beloved princess of Mithila, is one of the most revered women in Indian history; so well known, yet probably the least understood. At every crossroad of her life, she chose acceptance and grace over self-pity. Her life was filled with sacrifice yet wherever she was, there was abundance. It was as if she was carved out of intense longing for Rama, yet she had infinite patience. In every situation, she reflected his light and he reflected her love.

In her, we find someone who is so divine yet so human.

In this poignant narration, Bhanumathi shows us the world through the eyes of Sita. We think what Sita thinks, we feel what she feels, and for these few special moments, we become a part of her. And perhaps, through this perspective, and Sita's immortal story, we will discover the true strength of a woman.

Know About Bhanumathi Narasimhan

Bhanumathi Narasimhan is the younger sister of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She shares his vision of a stress-free, violence-free planet. She is a meditation teacher.
Bhanumathi leads the women's welfare and child care initiatives at Art of Living that now supports 723 schools with over 72,000 underprivileged children.

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