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In this post, you can easily get The Forever Dog Book PDF or E-book is Written by Rodney Habib & Karen Shaw BeckerThe Forever Dog is published by Westland. The Forever Dog is in the English Language. it is contained in 192 pages. If you are interested to get a PDF of The Forever Dog then scroll down & click on the download button. Thank you

Know About The Forever Dog

The Forever Dog gives us the tools to protect our four-legged friends. Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker talked to top geneticists, microbiologists, and researchers, and interviewed people around the world whose dogs have lived into their 20s and even 30s. The result is this unprecedented and comprehensive guide, filled with practical information, invaluable advice, and inspiring stories about dogs and the people who love them.

The Forever Dog plan focuses on:

• diet and nutrition

• movement

• stress reduction

• tailoring care to the genetic predisposition of particular breeds or mixes

• recipes and types of food – and what the commercial manufacturers don’t want us to know

• tons of practical tips

• how exercise, environmental toxins, and our lifestyles affect a dog’s overall health.

Global medical breakthroughs have expanded our choices for canine health. The Forever Dog is the definitive dog-care guide that gives us the knowledge we need to make wise choices and to keep our dogs healthy and happy for years to come.

Know About Rodney Habib & Karen Shaw Becker

Rodney Habib is multiple award-winning blogger, public speaker, the founder of Planet Paws, the most popular pet health page on Facebook, and the creator of the documentary The Dog Cancer Series: Rethinking the Canine Epidemic.

Karen Shaw Becker, DVM, is the most followed veterinarian in the world. She received her degree from the Iowa State School of Veterinary Medicine and is certified in acupuncture, homeopathy, and rehabilitation.


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