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In this post, you can easily get The Elephant in the Womb Book PDF or E-book is Written by Kalki KoechlinThe Elephant in the Womb is Published by Penguin. The Elephant in the Womb is in the English Language. it is contained in 256 pages. If you are interested to get a PDF of The Elephant in the Womb then scroll down & click on the download button. Thank you

Know About The Elephant in the Womb

In this unique graphic narrative, we finally have that candid, funny, and relatable book on pregnancy and parenting that mothers, expectant mothers, and anyone even thinking about motherhood have been waiting for. 

Actor and writer Kalki Koechlin open up about so much that we don't talk about the social stigma of abortions and unmarried pregnancies, the toll that pregnancy takes on a body, the unacknowledged domestic labor of women, the emotional rollercoaster of giving birth, bouts of postpartum melancholy, the unsolicited parenting advice from every corner, and of course the innumerable moments of joy and delight in bringing a real little person into this very weird world.

With whimsy and compassion, with uproariously funny art and spellbinding honesty, The Elephant in the Womb blends the deeply private with the blazingly political. It's an eye-opener for anyone who has ever thought that pregnancy was all about the glow and that motherhood was all about fulfillment. 

From fixing broken parts to enduring untimely farts, Koechlin's nuanced prose-gorgeously illustrated by Valeriya Polyanychko-tells us the bare-faced truth about the physiological discomfort and manic expectations that make it a bittersweet experience.

With a combination of personal essays and think-pieces, journal entries captured in real-time, reflections, and anecdotes, this is the motherload!

Know About Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin is a French-Indian actor and writer living in Mumbai. She studied drama and theatre at Goldsmiths and made her screen debut as Chanda in the critically acclaimed drama Dev.D in 2009. She won a Filmfare award for the same.


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