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In this post, you can easily get The Great Hunt Book PDF or E-book is Written by Robert JordanThe Great Hunt is Published by Orbit. The Great Hunt is in the English Language. it is contained in 720 pages. If you are interested to get a PDF of The Great Hunt then scroll down & click on the download button. Thank you

Know About The Great Hunt

The second novel in the Wheel of Time series - one of the most influential and popular fantasy epics ever published.

The Forsaken are loose, the Horn of Valere has been found and the Dead are rising from their dreamless sleep. The Prophecies are being fulfilled - but Rand al'Thor, the shepherd the Aes Sedai have proclaimed as the Dragon Reborn, desperately seeks to escape his destiny.

Rand cannot run forever. With every passing day the Dark One grows in strength and strives to shatter his ancient prison, to break the Wheel, to bring an end to Time and sunder the weave of the Pattern.

And the Pattern demands the Dragon.

Know About Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan was born in 1948 in Charleston. He was a graduate of the Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, with a degree in physics, and served two tours in Vietnam. His hobbies included hunting, fishing, sailing, poker, chess, pool, and pipe collecting. He died in September 2007.


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